Moa Capital is a growth private equity firm

Overview Moa Capital

We invest in small businesses that have the potential to become big businesses


The firm was founded by experienced middle-market private equity investors who recognize the significant opportunity with businesses that are too small for larger private equity firms and do not offer the high growth rates required by venture capital investors. These businesses typically generate less than $8 million of EBITDA, are in niche markets and have a track record of steady financial performance. We provide capital, strategic insight and experience transitioning small-businesses into established middle-market companies. We have a network of operating executives that assist with developing the business strategy and implementing growth initiatives. Moa Capital offers flexible capital solutions that are not restricted by time horizon or limited to control investments.

Introduction to Moa Capital

Moa Capital provides capital, strategic insight & experience scaling companies



Stable companies
with $1m-$8m EBITDA


Businesses that have the potential to be scaled to established middle-market companies


Open to non-control investments and flexible investment horizon

Investment Criteria

Industry agnostic, with a focus on stability and growth prospects


Stable Industry
EBITDA $1M - $8M
Low Operational Complexity
Growth Opportunities
Investment Strategy

We have partnered with companies to execute on various strategies


Industry Consolidation

Partnering with a proven operator to execute on an industry consolidation strategy

Accelerating Organic Growth

Significant organic growth potential that requires capital and outside expertise to be realized

Management Succession

Identifying and partnering with an outside operator who can take over management

Non-Control Growth Equity

Owners and management seeking a minority partner that can provide capital and assist with scaling business


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